Barn Cats

After the passing of our cat Sasha, we made a family decision to not get any more cats.

Not long after moving out to the county, we were outside on a pretty spring day and up walked a small gray kitten. Assuming the little guy belonged to a neighbor, we let him be. He continued to hang out throughout the morning, so we went ahead and asked the neighbors if they recognized him. Turns out, he was indeed homeless. After my sister asked if he could stay and eventually become a barn cat, Snaffle-Bit became a member of the family. I don’t remember if it was the same day or shortly after, but a litter of kittens was found not too far from our house – they had been shot and left in a pile.

Then another kitten appeared. This one was similar in color and age, though had more white on him. He appeared off and on, but he appeared to have a home, he just liked to come visit. He followed me everywhere in the yard durring his visits, more like a dog than a cat. One evening when he came to visit, he had blood on his head. He returned again the next night still with the blood on him. This time, it was me requesting to keep this kitty who clearly was not being looked after. I cleaned him up, found no visible injuries and watched him. He was a little “off”, with a slight akwardness now that had not been there before. He was other wise fine and resumed following me all over. Shadow was now mine.

Fast forward to now. On St. Patrick’s Day I celebrated their 16th birthday! Some neurological issues have begun to appear as they age, hinting that their mother was likely unvaccinated and sick with the terrible virus Feline Distemper when these brothers were born. Since the virus is deadly, it is assumed that she didn’t live long past raising her boys.

Though they were separated for a while, they are still best buddies. They don’t like being too far from eachother and are often seen snuggling with eachother. Snaffle shows his age more than his brother, but on his most recent visit to the vet, we found out he only has some slight signs of kidney issues setting in. Not bad for 16 year old cat!

Oh, and no, we still don’t have a barn. So, they patrol indoors.





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